Carrot Green Roof

Carrot Green Roof

A community rooftop oasis and meeting place

The Carrot Green Roof & Garden is a rooftop oasis and meeting place above The Big Carrot Community Market to the east of downtown Toronto. The rooftop is an 8000 square foot space that includes vegetation, garden exhibits and a place to gather.

The Carrot Green Roof & Garden was created from the engagement of a diverse collaboration of artists, gardeners, entrepreneurs, researchers and community members who came together to create a beautiful place to serve and protect the environment and sustain members of the community both in body and in spirit.

Private Event Space Booking

$60/hour for local community groups

$100/hour for private or corporate groups

Get a bird's eye view of the Carrot Green Roof in this video about how we have combined 8,000 sq. ft. of urban farming with 2,000 sq. ft of gathering space.

A Place to Grow

by Jonathan Rosen

An article about experiencing the Carrot Common Green Roof.

Read it here

For more information visit the Carrot Green Roof website

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