Hold Me Tight® Online Couples Workshop

The next workshop is being hosted online on the following dates: October 21st (6 to 9pm), October 22nd (10 and to 4 pm) and October 23rd (10am to 3 pm)

Hold Me Tight® is a program developed by Dr. Sue Johnson based on her book of the same name and shares proven strategies to strengthen relationships.

The workshop walks couples through seven conversations designed to help them understand the nature of relationship bonds and how to strengthen them. It helps couples understand how relationships get off track, and how they can repair past hurts and regain their closeness.

The workshop consists of short presentations from the workshop facilitator who is an EFT trained couples therapist, video demonstrations of Dr. Johnson leading other couples through the seven conversations, as well as some time for private conversations and practice sessions for the couples.

It is created to be useful for couples who are doing well overall, but hoping to improve their relationship, as well as for couples who are struggling to connect.  While the workshop is an educational one, the format allows couples to go far beyond just listening to information by watching the videos and then having their own conversations. The workshop leaders are trained couple therapists and are available if couples run into difficulties in their private conversations and would like a bit of extra help to get them back on track.

The next workshop is being hosted online on the following dates: October 21st (6 to 9 pm), October 22nd (10 and to 4 pm) and October 23rd (10 am to 3 pm)

It will be offered online via Zoom.  For more information and to register, please visit:

Welcome Fresh, to Carrot Common

Come enjoy the massive 30 seat patio at this new location for a Toronto favourite.

Fresh Restaurants has announced the opening of its newest location right in Toronto’s Danforth neighbourhood. The plant-based chain continues to push forward with more openings, now marking its eighth location in the Toronto area. The latest spot can be found at 320 Danforth Avenue in Carrot Common. Customers can stop by and fuel up on plant-forward dishes and even enjoy them on its massive 30-seat patio.

“I feel a very strong connection to the Danforth community and Carrot Common, and being a pioneer with them in Toronto’s vegan community,” said Ruth Tal, founder of Fresh Restaurants.

“A big thank you to all our team members and our community for getting us to this place in our journey. We’re committed to delivering plant-powered and approachable dishes, contributing positively to the neighbourhoods where we operate. We’re excited to be here on the Danforth. It feels like home.”  (excerpt from DISHED)

Health Meditation Class

An invitation to the general public to a health meditation class led by Julianne J.Y Xie, an Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (R.Ac., R.TCMP.) who is a health therapist at Carrot Common.

This class is for people who are feeling unhealthy, some pain in the body, stressed, in a bad mood, unhappy, and who want to restore health and improve their quality of life. Please come to this class.  The classes are free and take place every Sunday afternoon, from 5 pm to 7 pm, at Carrot Common 348 Danforth Ave, Second Floor, Room 212 (seminar room), beginning  July 17th, 2022.

For further information please contact Julianne Xie at 647-924-6777

TO Love Sign installed

The City of Toronto has just installed the TO Love sign in the Carrot Common courtyard

Property Manager Thomas Walsh invites you to come see the wonderful new art installation in our courtyard.