What is The Carrot Green Roof ?

The Carrot Green Roof is an urban gardening and community resource centre located on the roof of the Carrot Common mall in the heart of Toronto. This space will be among the first of its kind in the city - where the public can view a wide diversity of vegetation and demonstrations within the intensive and extensive gardens and the experimental vertical garden spaces that we are currently creating. Visitors to the Carrot Green Roof will have the opportunity to view these innovations and to take these ideas to other gardens across the city. New demonstration projects will continue to evolve and we will engage and support the community in new and exciting ways.

We have established 3 extensive roof gardens and many intensive gardens in a number of planters throughout the roof area.

The Carrot Green Roof & Garden as a Hub for Learning ;

Community groups will be welcome to have events on the roof deck.

1)  A meeting place/community ‘green open space environment

  • We are building an exterior staircase to provide easy public access to the roof.
  • Community groups will be welcome to have events on the roof deck.

2)  An educational centre and community event venue

  • We are providing an office space where the green roof staff and volunteers can work.
  • We have a seminar room space that is available for educational events.

3)  A resource and knowledge base for green roof technology

  • Our "Learning hub" is an open source portal for community groups and individuals to contribute their research, ideas and experiences toward urban agriculture, sustainable practices and green initiatives.

The Carrot Green Roof is a place to…


Explore the different garden spaces birds and bees on the roof.  Apothecary, medicinals, herb gardens, Native garden, Sedums, Vegetables, Shrubs, wetlands and vertical gardening among some of many plants you can see and touch. Come daily from 11am - 6pm

Meet and Celebrate

Hold your meetings, celebrations on our green roof. Can accommodate up to 120 people for meetings and events.


A place of study and discovery, finding new ways to address the emerging urban issues in sustainability; current projects involve urban agriculture, green roof technologies and new innovations.


Replicating different ecosystems and innovative technologies for the purpose of highlighting the possibilities of green roofs; raising awareness of food security and incorporating nature into our urban lives.


The CGR Learning Hub offers a physical and online space for community members and organizations to build a commons for learning and collaboration to help adapt to the social and environmental challenges facing our future.


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